Sunday, August 14, 2011

Eva Cassidy: Wade In The Water

Eva Cassidy was one of those talents who was rarely known outside of her region until her untimely death in 1996. She had recorded three albums; however, she died of complications of melanoma at the age of 33 before her third album “Eva by Heart” was released. The pothumous recording was her only studio release and features her rendition of the classic spiritual “Wade in the Water.”

In 1998, a compilation of her recordings under the title of “Songbird” was released. The album caught the attention of Terry Wogan of BBC-2 in 2000 and his playing and promotion of the LP rocketed to the number one slot on the British album charts. It was also certified six times platinum in the UK. While her recordings have not attracted audience stateside as in the UK, “Songbird” sold 500,000 copies to become certified gold in the US. “Wade in the Water” is also on that particular LP.

It is unfortunate that her life was taken so shortly from us; however, we are fortunate to at least have her recordings to remember her by.

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