Sunday, July 8, 2012

Aerosmith: Jesus On The Mainline

Very late post today as I am still trying to get over my illness before my business trip tomorrow. I was inspired to choose Aerosmith’s version of the Mississippi Fred McDowell song, “Jesus is on the Mainline.” Some friends of mine were practicing the Gaither version of this same song a few weeks ago and I mentioned the Aerosmith version.

It was though I was lying about the whole thing, because no one believed me that Aerosmith recorded this song, but they had in 2004 on their album: “Honkin’ On Bobo.” The CD title is a euphemism for Steven Tyler’s harmonica playing. Tracy Bonham handles the female vocals on this cut.

Joe Perry is playing a National Triolian guitar on this cut. It is not my favorite rendition of “Jesus on the Mainline,” as I prefer Ry Cooder’s version from “Paradise and Lunch.”

Live Version

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