Thursday, July 5, 2012

Andy Griffith Theme Song

In a continuing tribute to Andy Griffith who passed on Tuesday, I thought it might be nice to dedicate our TV Thursday song to him as well with the theme song to his television show. Used for the theme for the entire eight season run, most people don’t know the name of the song nor who was whistling the tune.

The music of “The Fishin’ Hole” was composed by Earle Hagen and Herbert Spencer with lyrics authored by Everett Sloane. I think most of us thought that Sheriff Andy Taylor was whistling the tune; however, this is incorrect as Hagen, one of the composers, utilized his talent in this area.

Vocal Version by Andy Griffith


  1. Jim, I'm reverting back to a private blog but am going to reorganize somewhat. When it's ready, I'll send you an invite. You've finally tipped the scales for me in regards to posting YouTube videos, rather than using divshare players. Marie

  2. Marie:

    It keeps you out of copyright violation and you have the whole song. The down side is sometimes the songs disappear after a while.