Friday, July 6, 2012

The Outsiders: Was It Really Real

Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, The Outsiders had several top 40 hits, but the most notable was their 1966 hit “Time Won’t Let Me.” Originally known as The Starfires, the band was rechristened as The Outsiders at the instance of Capitol records with the release of “Time Won’t Let Me.”

Charting at #5, it is probably the only cut by the band getting airplay on oldies stations today. While the band had three other Top 40 hits, they are long forgotten in the scheme of things. Of these three hits, the next highest charting single was “Respectable” which peaked at #15.

“Was it Really Real,” the “B” side to “Time Won’t Let Me” is arguably a better cut than their follow-up singles. Like many of their songs, “Was it Really Real” was co-authored by rhythm guitarist/saxophonist Tom King and his brother-in-law Chet Kelley.

As with all The Outsiders’ early recordings, Sonny Geraci sang lead. He later formed the band Climax and had a big hit with “Precious and Few.” Session musician Al Austin played the lead guitar and is often mistakenly credited as being a member of the band. His only contribution was to both sides of this single.

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