Monday, July 9, 2012

The Silvertones: One Chance With You

During December 1977, I took a long vacation and stayed with friends in Louisville and Chicago. It was the perfect time to get away from the rat race of radio and to hear some new music. In Chicago, I became aware of the second release on the Blind Pig Record label out of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The album was by a local Chicago band named “The Silvertones” and was their only recorded output to my knowledge. It was a little blues mixed in with a dash of rockabilly, and I loved their album “One Chance with You.” I can remember playing it to death over the next several years.

What got me thinking about this album was their guitar instrumental of the “Andy of Mayberry Theme.” It was the last cut on side two, also known as “The Other Side.” The passing of Andy Griffith this week got me thinking of that album. While that was last cut on the album, today’s Mélange Monday cut is the first and title cut of the album and it leads off side one – otherwise known as “This Side.”

The Silvertones included George Bedard on guitar and vocals; Steve Nardella on guitar, harmonica, and vocals; Tom McDermot on drums; and Carl Hildebrandt on bass. This is a rarity indeed. If you see a copy, buy it immediately as it rarity indeed.

Only 75 more posts before I retire "Reading Between The Grooves."

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  1. I am a japanese listener and amature trumpeter.I bought it in secondohand 30 years ago.
    this album gave me a chance to dig blues and jazz.
    still one of my favorite record.
    I hope they are still enjoying playing.