Friday, September 6, 2013

Cat Stevens: Where Do The Children Play?

It’s time for the Friday Flipside and today we look at the “B” side to Cat Stevens’ “Peace Train.” While the “A” side peaked at #7, its flip “Where Do the Children Play?” was a staple of album radio in 1971. It was a song of political consciousness than even rings true 43 years later. With all of the trouble in the world, where is it safe for children to go and play? In 2013, it’s a lot less safe than it was in 1971.

Both “Wild World” and “Where Do the Children Play?” appeared on his first major US release, “Tea for the Tillerman.” The album charted at #8 and was certified triple platinum in the US. Several of the songs from the album including “Where Do the Children Play?” appeared in the 1971 film “Harold and Maude.”


  1. Not meaning to be too picky, but I think this was the b-side to "Peace Train" instead, or maybe in addition?

    1. No, you are correct. I inadvertently typed in "Wild World" as a senior moment. Thanks for the gentle correction.