Saturday, September 21, 2013

Dave Mason & Cass Elliot: On and On

The teaming of Mama Cass Elliot and Dave Mason seems on the surface to be an unlikely pairing, but the duo, which later evolved into a trio with Ned Doheny, really worked. The album simply titled as “Dave Mason & Cass Elliot” only went as high as #49 on the album charts. It also produced two singles that failed to chart. Interestingly enough, this 1971 album was released in the US on Mason’s Blue Thumb label, but the singles were issued on Cass Elliot’s label, ABC Dunhill. By 1974, ABC would purchase Blue Thumb.

“On and On” was not issued as a single, but is a strong track that illustrates the vocal prowess of both Cass Elliot and Dave Mason. The song was penned by Ned Doheny who would become their partner in crime; however, he does not appear on the album including his own song.

Besides vocals, Mason played all of the guitars and is joined by Bryan Garo on bass, Paul Harris on piano, and Russ Kunkle on drums. Cass Elliot considered her performances on the album as some of her best. She was also credited as co-producer along with Mason.

Had “On and On,” a much stronger track than “Something to Make You Happy” and “Too Much Truth, Too Much Love,” been released as a single, perhaps this collaborative effort would have been better known. “On and On” has the characteristics of being both a rock and a pop song. I love Mason’s guitar on this cut and it may be some of his best work. Harris’ piano parts add to the driving nature of “On and On.”

Most people are unfamiliar with this song as well as its parent album; thus, making it a perfect bubbling under tune for this Saturday.

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