Saturday, September 28, 2013

Parrot Records: Tell Mama

In 1971, a mass exodus of members of Savoy Brown led to the formation of Foghat and left the band’s founder, Kim Simmonds, the only individual remaining. Prior to recording the album “Street Corner Talking,” Simmonds enlisted four new members: Paul Raymond (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Andy Sylvester (bass), Dave Walker (vocals), and Dave Bidwell (drums).

Most of Savoy Brown’s early releases were issued in the US and Canada on Parrot Records and when that label was shut down, they moved to London Records with the release of “Boogie Brothers” in 1974. “Tell Mama,” a Kim Simmonds/Paul Raymond composition, was the band’s single release from “Street Corner Talking.”

Undisputedly, Simmonds plays some excellent slide guitar on this cut. Like most Savoy Brown singles, they were never chart successes in the US with “Tell Mama” peaking at #83 in 1971. With the Tom Joneses, Engelbert Humperdincks, Jonathan Kings, and Lulus of the label, Savoy Brown was one of the more progressive acts in Parrot’s cage of artists.


  1. Cool little tune, never really explored this group's catalog before, thanks for the post!

    1. Glad you liked it Tommy. Check out their other recordings as well. See my other posts: and