Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Janus Records: Another Night

It’s Wednesday, and you know what day it is – “it’s hump day!” I know, I hate that commercial as well; but today, we celebrate Wednesday with our fourth example from Janus Records and the UK prog rock band “Camel.”

Today’s featured song “Another Night” was credited to all four members of the band, and it was sung by Andrew Latimer who also played guitar and flute. Unfortunately, “Another Night,” the single from their fourth album “Moonmadness,” failed to chart upon its release.

Janus, the band’s US record label, also took the liberty of using an alternate cover for the 1976 album “Moonmadness.” Apparently they felt that a band named Camel should have a camel on the album. The UK issue had no discernible camel image on the cover, so Janus put a camel on the moon in a space suit. Despite a small loyal following, Camel never caught on in America.

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