Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Janus Records: She Loves To Be In Love

The UK band Charlie had a better reputation in the US for their album covers than for their hits on American radio. Their albums sported pictures of beautiful women, and although the band was better known on album radio than in the mainstream music scene, they produced some great music – even if most folks are not familiar with their name.

Charlie released two albums and four singles for Janus Records during their run with the label before it went into receivership. They had actually recorded a third album (“Fight Dirty”) for Janus that was subsequently released on Arista who had purchased the Janus catalog, but did not totally support the band in their efforts.

Charlie’s highest charting single on Janus did not become a Top 40 hit although this 1978 release had the potential for doing so as it has a great hook and good production. “She Loves to be in Love,” although getting some Top 40 play, only charted at #54 in the US.

Suffering from numerous problems that, as the band’s official web site dictates, were worthy of Spinal Tap, the band folded in 1987. In 2009, the band reformed and released “Kitchens of Distinction” which began as a solo project for lead vocalist and guitarist Terry Thomas.

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