Friday, November 8, 2013

The Spencer Davis Group: Can't Get Enough of It

Here it ‘tis – another Friday – the day we celebrate the other side of the record with our Friday Flipside selection. Today’s feature is one that, unless you’ve owned the single, you’ve probably never heard The Spencer Davis Group’s “Can’t Get Enough of It.”

This particular number was the “B” side of “I’m A Man” from January 1967. In addition to “I’m A Man” being later covered by Chicago, The Spencer Davis Group charted at the #10 spot in the US with the tune. I don’t believe either side was released on an album at the time – a practice that was fairly common in Britain, but did not happen too often in the US with popular artists that came from across the pond.

The US labels tended to milk the record buying product for all they were worth. First, they had less tracks on an album (12 to the Brit’s 14), and then the surplus tracks and the singles were generally packaged into a new album that was only available in North America. Compare the US and UK Beatles albums and you’ll see what I mean.

Lead singer and keyboardist Steve Winwood, one the most talented men in the business, shines on this number. Not only is Winwood gifted, but it is truly amazing that he was not quite 19 years of age when this cut was released – he always sounded like he was much older and the depth of his playing drew from a well far deeper than his years.

“Can’t Get Enough of It” was cowritten by Winwood and producer Jimmy Miller. It also was one of the last cuts to feature Steve and his brother Muff Winwood. Both left the band with Steve going on to form Traffic and Muff transitioning to the role of Island Records’ A&R Director.

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