Saturday, November 30, 2013

Janus Records: Cheer

Our final look at Janus Records takes us back to spring 1972 where the band Potliquor nearly had a hit from their album “Levee Blues” that was released the previous December. This Southern rock band never had the success of its contemporaries, and perhaps their label choice may have played a part in that dilemma. If the band had been on Capricorn or on one of the majors, I believe they may have had a shot – but unfortunately, that didn’t happen until 1979 when their final album was released on Capitol. By then, it was too late.

The closest Potliquor came to renown was the release of the single “Cheer.” It did get some action and I remember hearing it on the radio; however, it stalled at the #65 position on the Hot 100 for two consecutive weeks never to rise from its ashes as did the legendary phoenix.

Although not a memorable hit, Les Wallace’s lead guitar really wails and the entire song is punctuated by a fantastic horn section. Keyboardist George Ratzlaff wrote the song and sang lead on what is probably their best known single. While Potliquor released four albums between 1970 and 1979, they are relegated to the back lot of rock ‘n roll along with others who were eclipsed by more famous acts of their time.

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  1. I believe this song placed higher in the Canadian charts (much higher) as I remember hearing it on the radio in my small home town in Northern Ontario. This is why I ended up buying the album (through a record club). I ended up buying all of the albums on vinyl (except for the very first one since I didn't know it existed), and bought everything online in a digital form from iTunes about a couple of years back. Awesome band. One of many in my era that should have made it big, but didn't.