Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bruce Cockburn: Wondering Where The Lions Are

It took Bruce Cockburn five albums to be heard in the lower 48, but what a great tune to ingratiate himself to a fickle American audience. I loved “I Wonder where the Lions Are” since I first heard it over WAMX – my top 40 employer in 1979. From the LP “Dancing in the Dragon’s Jaws,” “I Wonder where the Lions Are” peaked at 21 on the Hot 100.

With the amount of airplay the album “Stealing Fire” got in 1984, it’s hard to believe today’s feature was Cockburn’s only top forty hit in the US. While American artists are not familiar with his vast catalog (er, catalogue for you Cannucks) of music, I recommend that you purchase “Waiting for a Miracle: Singles 1970–1987.” I got the cassette copy from True North Records in the 80s and it played in my car for the longest time.

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