Sunday, May 20, 2012

Don Nix: Golden Mansions

Early this week, I mentioned Don Nix in conjunction with the passing of Duck Dunn as they were both members of the Mar-Keys. In those days Nix played the saxophone. When he reinvented himself as a singer-songwriter, he was frequently seen sporting a guitar. Between the Mar-Keys' years and his solo career, Nix honed his skills as a record producer.

In 1971, he released his first album and the only one on Leon Russell’s Shelter Records. The album, “In God We Trust” was followed by two on Elektra and six on small, independent labels. “In God We Trust” is a gospel tinged release that features several spiritually based numbers including our Spiritual Sunday selection “Golden Mansions.”

While the album has Leon Russell’s influence, it was not direct as he was not involved in the project. The two piano parts were played by Barry Beckett and the Mt. Zion Singers provided the gospel backup vocals.

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