Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mar-Keys: Last Night

I thought I would throw in another “Duck” Dunn recording – this time when he was the bassist for the legendary Mar-Keys. The keyboard riff on “Last Night” was played by “Smoochie Smith” while guitarist Steve Cropper laid down his ax and played a one note drown on the organ. Saxophonist Floyd Newman does the speaking part on the single. Among others in horn section was Don Nix who later put out numerous albums in the late sixties and seventies.

Released in the age of rock ‘n’ roll instrumentals, “Last Night” charted at #3 in 1961 and was the band's only Top 40 hit. It was released on Satellite Records which later changed its name to Stax. It’s another great tune that shows the talent of the late Donald “Duck” Dunn.

Stereo Remix

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