Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kathleen Edwards: A Soft Place to Land

I heard “A Soft Place to Land” on the latest episode of House, MD this week. From Kathleen Edwards’ LP “Voyageur” released earlier this year, I find the tune poignant, emotional, and thought provoking. No doubt the producers of House felt the same way, as the song appeared in one of the episodes that deals with James Wilson’s diagnosis of cancer.

I would classify the song as alternate folk. It showcases Edwards 12 year training as a classical violinist as well as her ability to multitask as a guitarist. It starts out with a fade in of a piano sustain of decay. The attack has passed and gives a very unique sound to begin and end the tune.

In today’s cut, Edwards’ appears on a special private performance recorded in her native Canada by the CBC. I actually prefer this live version to her studio release of the same song. That’s not normally the case, as I prefer studio recordings for their overall sound quality. This live recording sounds great. I like it better every time I play this cut. By the way, check out her guitar. It appears that it is covered with numerous autographs. On closer inspection of it, they are personal messages from friends and family members. See it here.

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