Tuesday, May 29, 2012

David Gogo: Whiskey Train

Tasty Licks Tuesday with David Gogo and his rendition of Procol Harum’s “Whiskey Train” – a song that was composed by guitarist Robin Trower and lyricist Keith Reid. The original came from Procol Harum’s album “Home,” which is not their best known LP, but it was the first one I ever owned.

Gogo actually works on two incarnations of Robin Trower on this cut. The first incarnation is in the song proper which emulates Trower’s classic licks on “Whiskey Train’s” riff. He finishes off the song by melding it with an instrumental that is reminiscent of Trower’s playing in the late 70s on albums like “Bridge of Sighs.” He captures both well.

Of the later portion of the tune, Gogo opines “cranked my Gibson SG through my Vox amp and some Fulltone effects pedals, including the Soul Bender.” Which is fortunate , as the cut appears on his CD “Soul Bender.”

I love this cut, but I do have one eentsy teentsy problem with the cut. There is a drum beat at 1:16 that bothers me – it may just be me – listen and see what you think. David Gogo on “Whiskey Train” – would this be a real live “Whiskey-A-Gogo?”

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