Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Esperanza Spalding: Endangered Species

One of the more exciting musicians to come on the scene in the last ten years is Esperanza Spalding. Her treatment of the bass – whether bass guitar, standup bass, or electric standup bass, Esperanza attacks the strings with gusto. Her vocal talents are also superb – whether singing straight lyrics or scat singing as she does in today’s feature cut, “Endangered Species.”

Today’s cut from her 2009 appearance on Austin City Limits is a cross between be-bop and fusion and showcases both her bass and vocal abilities. In 2011, she won the “Best New Artist” Grammy and the Boston Music Awards’ Jazz Artist of the Year award.

Because of the scale, you don’t often see a woman playing the bass – but Esperanza can outplay most male bassists. Not only is she a great musician in her own right, she has surrounded herself with a killer band. Enjoy.

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