Friday, August 24, 2012

The Doors: Moonlight Drive

Several days ago when I mentioned that only 35 posts remain (now 33) before I retire “Reading Between the Grooves,” I had several comments indicating that I should continue. While I had not planned to bow to any pressure, I have decided that if I get enough positive comments to continue I will do so; however, I will probably reduce the number of posts during the week. If you want to leave some comments about this blog remaining after September 26, take the survey at

Today’s Friday Flipside comes from Jim Morrison and The Doors. I realized that I hadn’t featured anything on Friday by this iconic group. Today’s selection, “Moonlight Drive,” is the “B” side of “Love Me Two Times.” Both appeared on the 1967 album “Strange Days.”

The song starts with Ray Manzarek playing the bass notes of a piano in unison with John Densmore’s bass drum and guest musician Doug Lubahn’s bass guitar. Shortly into the song, Robby Krieger plays a unique slide guitar accompaniment and later a full blown slide lead.

Although “Love Me Two Times” still receives a modicum amount of airplay on both Classic Rock and Oldies stations in the US, the original single only charted at #25. “Strange Days,” the bands second album, tipped the scales by peaking at #3 on the album charts.


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  2. Maurici:

    Gracias. Si muchas personas quieren, seguiré.

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