Monday, August 20, 2012

Off Kilter: Whiskey in the Jar

The other day I was listening to Pandora and Peter, Paul, and Mary’s version of the folk song “Whiskey in the Jar” came on playlist. Their version was called “Gilgarra Mountain” and was more of a mellow rendition sung by Peter Yarrow. It got me thinking of the various versions from the Dubliners to Thin Lizzy. While scouring YouTube, I found a lively interpretation by Off Kilter that I hadn’t heard before.  Off Kilter was a house band at the Epcot Center.

This Celtic-rock band provides a perfect marriage between Irish versions and rock versions of this old song. Their version of “Whiskey in the Jar” features pipes and killer guitar leads. It’s from their 2005 and last album “Kick it.” This is becoming my favorite version of this song that I head first as a kid in the early sixties.

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