Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mark-Almond: The City

A few weeks ago, I featured a cut by Mark-Almond as I had a dream about the band. As I was selecting that song for our Bubbling Under category on Saturday, I ran across a more jazz influenced tune that I was saving for Tasty Licks Tuesday. Since I only have 50 posts to go before I shut down this blog, I thought that there is no time like the present to feature this cut from the band’s 1971 debut album on Blue Thumb Records.

“The City” really provides a look at the talent the members of this little known band have. The guitar and vocals feature John Mark. The inspiration for the other half of the name, Johnny Almond, provides the sax and flute solos. Playing both electric and acoustic piano was Tommy Eyre, and Rodger Sutton was the bassist.

The band had no drummer at this point, but everyone played percussion. The highlights to “The City” are piano and woodwind parts. Incidentally, I saw a copy of the original issue of this album for sale for over $900. This is a little high in my book.

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