Saturday, August 18, 2012

Heart: Kick It Out

In June 1977, I had the opportunity to see Heart for the first of three times. While much of their music centered on their hits from “Dreamboat Annie,” they also featured tracks from their new album “Little Queen.” The show at the Huntington (WV) Civic Center was festival seating and I had an opportunity to get some photos of the band as I was fairly close to the stage.

Nancy Wilson bathed in red stage lights "Kicking it Out" on a Strat

The year 1977 was a bizarre one for Heart as their former label, Mushroom Records, released what had been an unfinished album that was supplemented by some live tracks (“Magazine”) simultaneously as the band’s new label, Portrait Records, was readying the release their official second album “Little Queen.”

The lights give Ann Wilson the appearance of a red head.
The issuing of “Magazine” resulted in a legal battle between the band and Mushroom. Mushroom claimed that Heart was under contract for a second album and the label had the rights to issue the album to fulfill the contract. The courts ruled in Mushroom’s favor; however, the album had to be pulled from production and sales and the band was allowed to redo the LP to their satisfaction. The improved version of “Magazine” was released in 1978.

“Kick it Out” was one of the better songs from “Little Queen”; however, the single failed to make it to the Top 40 charts and peaked in the US at #79. Pity – the song really kicks and deserved a better showing.

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