Thursday, May 30, 2013

Capricorn Records: Heard It In A Love Song

“Which one of you guys is Marshall?” I imagine that at some point in the career of The Marshall Tucker Band that they were asked that question. The band’s name came from a blind piano tuner that once rented the space where the band practiced in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Like many other Southern rock bands, they were signed to Capricorn Records.

“Heard it in a Love Song,” their highest charting single, came from the 1977 album “Carolina Dreams.” Although having released a number of singles, only two MTB songs charted within the Top 40: “Fire on the Mountain” at #38 and “Heard it in a Love Song” at #14.

There are three soloists on this tune: Toy Caldwell on lead guitar, flautist Jerry Eubanks, and session musician Paul Hornsby on piano.  I never realized it before, but I must have been immensely influenced by Hornsby, as I subconsciously ripped off some of his licks when I played piano on my brother’s album that was recorded the same year. Both cuts were in the key of “D.” Strange but true.

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