Sunday, May 26, 2013

Capricorn Records: Revival (Love Is Everywhere)

It’s the fourth week of the month and time for our Fourth Week Label special, and this week we concentrate on Capricorn Records. It was founded in Macon, Georgia in 1969 by brothers Phil and Alan Walden and Atlantic Records’ executive Frank Fenter. The label’s original recordings were issued on ATCO until the Capricorn imprint was developed.

The label was initially distributed by Atlantic Records until switching to their corporation partner and competitor, Warner Brothers Records in the early 1970s. In the mid to late 70s, Capricorn switched distribution to Polygram. By 1979, this haven of southern rock declared bankruptcy. An attempt to resurrect Capricorn in the 1990s produced a number of new recordings before completely closing in 2002.

Probably the best known artist on Capricorn was The Allman Brothers’ Band whose tenure with the label tracked its first incarnation from 1969 to 1979. From their second album, Idlewild South, which was originally released on ATCO, the band’s second single was an edit of the album track “Revival (Love is Everywhere).

The song written by guitarist Dickie Betts features an extended instrumental (1:35) before heading into the lyrical content of the song. Although the band’s second single, it was their first to chart with a rather dismal appearance at #92 on the Hot 100. It is a perfect song for a Sunday as love is everywhere and it’s time for a revival.

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