Friday, May 31, 2013

Capricorn Records: Keep On Smilin'

Wet Willie recorded three albums for Capricorn Records before they had their first hit – the title cut of their fourth LP, “Keep on Smiling.” Released in early 1974, it managed to be the band’s biggest hit and one of only three that broke the Top 40 charts. While “Keep on Smilin’” made it to number 10, the other two hits on Epic were mid-charters. “Street Corner Serenade,” steel drums and all, peaked at #30 and the disco influenced “Weekend” charted slightly higher at #29.

From Mobile, Alabama, “Wet Willie” had more of a soul influence than some of the other Southern bands signed to Capricorn Records. Giving it all he had, “Wet Willie’s” front man was Jimmy Hall who not only sang, but also played harmonica and saxophone. He played a nice harp solo on this number.  To the credit of “Keep on Smilin’,” it also had a catchy rhythm hook: da-da-da-da-dat dum dum dum; da-da-da-da-dat dum dum dum.

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