Monday, May 27, 2013

Capricorn Records: Take It Off The Top

For our second number from Capricorn Records, we turn to the jazz-rock fusion band, the “Dixie Dregs.” The cut of choice today that features the excellent instrumental work of the band featuring the guitar work by Steve Morse, keyboards of Mark Parrish, violin of Allen Sloan, bass of Andy West, and drums of Rod Morgenstern.

Featured as the lead cut from the “Dregs’” third album “What If,” “Take it off the Top” also fits our Media Monday selection as it was used as the theme song for the “Friday Rock Show.” “What If” (and I always thought it should be “What If?”) is the only Dixie Dregs album that I own and it is excellent. “Take it off the Top” showcases the incredible talent of this band than never received mainstream accolades.

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