Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wolfstone: The Bloody Bouzouki

For our Wooden Wednesday selection this week, we turn to Scotland – the home of the band Wolfstone. Today’s pick comes from their 2007 release “Terra Firma” and is entitled “The Bloody Bouzouki.” Despite the title, no bouzoukis were harmed in making this recording – there’s not one on the entire CD.

While a bouzouki is not present, Duncan Chisholm’s fiddle is prominently featured. “The Bloody Bouzouki” has two movements – the slower “Ben-Y-Vrackie” and the rock oriented and faster movement named the same as the suite – “The Bloody Bouzouki.”

This is a perfect example of what might be termed as Celtic-Rock. Enjoy and think of the highlands sans the bouzouki  – although as the title insinuates, it sounds more like Ireland than Scotland.  

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