Friday, September 21, 2012

Badfinger: Money

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One of my all time favorite albums is Badfinger’s 1972 release of “Straight Up.” This album took over a year to make and many of the original recordings were shelved under the direction of producer George Harrison. When Harrison exited the project, Apple Records secured Todd Rundgren to complete the album. In his role as producer, he remixed the George Harrison’s cuts, but was not given coproduction credits on these songs.

The album produced two hit singles, “Day After Day,” which charted at #4 and “Baby Blue” that peaked at #14. The flip of “Day After Day” was Tom Evans’ “Money.” The production on this track is superb with the double tracked electric 12-string guitars – one in the left channel and the other in the right.

Rundgren also split the lead and harmony vocals to each channel, while the backup vocals were in the center. A volume pedal was used on the guitar at the end to cut the attack.

While “Money” was the US “B” side, “Sweet Tuesday Morning,” a Joey Molland cut appeared as the flip side in the UK. Take a listen.

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