Saturday, September 22, 2012

Edgar Winter's White Trash: Keep Playin' That Rock And Roll

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Before the Edgar Winter Group, there was Edgar Winter’s White Trash. While many won’t remember the two albums from this group, they are foundational recordings of the early 1970s. The first of the two, “Edgar Winter’s White Trash” was the follow-up of Edgar Winter’s first LP: “Entrance.”

This 1971 album produced the single “Keep Playin' that Rock and Roll” which charted at #70. The album only made it to #111 on Billboard’s Top 200 Album chart. “Keep Playin' that Rock and Roll” was an autobiographical look at Edgar’s entry in the music business and mentions his brother Johnny in the lyrics.

Both album and single featured the guitar work of Johnny Winter and Rick Derringer. Derringer also produced the sessions. In 1970, Derringer and the Winter brothers had previously worked together in Johnny Winter And. Derringer would later join the Edgar Winter Group following the departure of Ronnie Montrose.


  1. One of my favorite Rock 'n Roll Albums of all time! I've had the pleasure of wearing out several copies of this on LP and my copy of the CD is a tad worn as well. Whatever happened to Jerry LaCroix? Great post!

  2. Thanks Wayne. Here's Jerry's web page - he's still singing.

    I didn't specifically mention him due to the fact that Edgar sang on this cut. Thanks for your comments.