Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Three of a Perfect Pair X Three

For Tasty Licks Tuesday, here’s a trio of versions of the song “Three of a Perfect Pair.” It was issued as a single and the title cut of King Crimson’s 1984 album “Three of a Perfect Pair.” It features Adrian Belew on vocals and guitar; Robert Fripp on guitar; Tony Levin on the Chapman Stick, vocals, and synthesizer; and Bill Bruford on drums. All four members of King Crimson contributed to the writing of the tune.

I was sure that the guitar was looped as Robert Fripp was known to do this; however, videos of live recordings show Adrian Belew playing the complicated arpeggios. It is possible that loops were used; however, in the following videos, you’ll see Belew playing (and simultaneously singing) the “complicated” guitar parts.

Adrian Belew’s Live Acoustic Version

Recorded live in London in 2000, here’s proof of Adrian Belew’s guitar prowess.

Belew, Levin, & Mastelotto Live Version

This was an encore performance featuring Adrian Belew, Tony Levin, and Paul Mastelotto. It shows that three Crimson members can produce a flawless version of a song that previously included four musicians.

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