Monday, September 24, 2012

Tito & Tarantula: After Dark

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Recently, I stumbled upon Los Angeles based Tito & Tarantula’s recording of “After Dark” and discovered a sound that I really liked their sound. Somehow I missed this band and I had not seen Quentin Tarantino’s “From Dusk Till Dawn” where the band performs this in movie.

“After Dark” was originally performed by Tito Larriva’s band the Cruzados and was co-written by Larriva and Cruzado guitarist Steven Hufsteter, who later would join Tito & Tarantula in 2002. The band recorded “After Dark” in 1996 and it was later released on the band’s first CD “Tarantism” in 1997.

I’m not sure what genre of rock you would place this song, but I have always liked dark and foreboding music like this. Besides Larriva’s lead vocal and rhythm guitar, the cut features other Tarantulas Peter Atanasoff on lead guitar, Jennifer Condos on bass, and Nick Vincent on drums and percussion.

Lyn Bertles, also a member of the band at the time of the recording, is credited on the album, but I cannot place what she might be playing on the cut as she plays violin, mandolin, recorder, and harmonica. Mark Goldenberg, who was not a band member, added guitar to this track.

Live Version from 2008

This version was recorded in Germany where the band has a large following. Personnel include Tito Larriva on guitar and vocals, Steven Hufsteter on guitar, Caroline Rippy on bass, and Alfredo Ortiz on drums.

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