Monday, September 10, 2012

Zon: Man In The Mirror

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For our Mélange Monday, I bring you a group with which most Americans are not familiar; however, they have a substantial following in their native Canada. Formed in Toronto in 1977, Zon was a progressive rock band that produced three albums during their short, four-year career. I characterize their sound as a poor man’s Styx.

I have their 1978 debut album “Astral Projector”; it was an import from Canada on Epic Records of Canada. I bought the album solely on the premise that it was released on blue vinyl. Being that I collected colored vinyl and other oddities at the time, I felt it was a good addition to my collection.

Although not having heard the group prior to buying the disc, I was pleased with the purchase. While some songs are stronger than others, I have selected my favorite – “Man in the Mirror.” It has screaming guitars, monophonic synthesizers, and tubular bells – what else could anyone want.

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