Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tres Chicas: Drop Me Down

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I heard today’s Spiritual Sunday tune a few years back on Pandora and was reintroduced to it again about two months ago from the same source. “Drop Me Down” was a song originally performed by Charlotte based Lou Ford; however, Lou Ford was not an individual, but rather a band.

In 2006, another Charlotte based group, Tres Chicas recorded “Drop Me Down” for their CD “Bloom, Red, & the Ordinary Girl.” The three part harmonies of Lynn Blakey, Caitlin Cary, and Tonya Lamm are exquisite. While there is piano, drums, bass, fiddle, accordion, and guitar, nearly all the critics mention the organ that is the glue of the track. One going as far as saying it sounded like Garth Hudson of the band. I hear it too.

Other critiques of the sound compare it to a variety of musicians. Rick Cornell of stated, “Tres Chicas' folk-gospel take reveals the song to be a close relative of [Bob Dylan’s] ‘I Shall Be Released,’ with a soulfulness that seems to echo from the soundstage where The Band and The Staple Singers teamed up on ‘The Weight.’”

Thom Jurek of AllMusic adds, “The opening cut ‘Drop Me Down’ comes from the North Carolina band Lou Ford, and in Tres Chicas’ reading of it, could easily have been done by Gram Parsons & the Fallen Angels and Emmylou Harris with a gospel choir. To be truthful, it's devastatingly beautiful.”

I agree, and hope you do as well.

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